The Roomate = 2011’s Single White Female


The Roomate Trailer

I’m not sure if “The Roomate” is intended to be a remake of the 90’s thriller “Single White Female” but it sure does look like it to me.  Unlike the original,the roomies start off looking like twins. Leighton Meester bares a striking resemblance to doppelgänger Minka Kelly. I’m not sure if anyone will be a victim of a shoeicide (death by shoe heel in the eye)  like in the original, but the patent pumps scene makes me curious . Will you see it to find out?

Single White Female Trailer

Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion: Bring On The Drama


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I’m counting down to the show down on my guilty pleasure, that is “Housewives of Beverly Hills”. I want to see someone replay the footage so Camille and Taylor can see why the viewing public love to hate them as villans. I’m going to need Kim Richards to finally say whether Camille is lying on her sister Kyle.