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Thank goodness for Hollywood tape! As she exited the University of California, Los Angeles flanked by security, the Glitter star came in danger of exposing more than she bargained forMariah Carey was snapped yesterday wearing this black and white form fitting dress as she attended a secret screening of the first episode of American Idol Season 12 at UCLA University. See this is what I was talking about a couple of days ago! Remember when I mentioned that my niece refers to MC’s body shape looking like “Sponge Bob Square Pants”? Well this photo of her in the black in white dress was taken only days after she was on the beach looking slim and trim in all her flat ABtastical glory. I keep forgetting about this modern day trickery we have called Photoshop. But this is the same person that airbrushed fake abs on a while back. No love lost though MiMi. You’re just making me think I can’t see straight any more that’s all.Mariah Carey bikini on a beach