Famous diner: Lisa Vanderpump greets Robbie Keane at her restaurant Villa Blanca in LA on Thursday

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has to be my favorite personality in the franchise. I think she has a classy style and her and her dog Giggy are a cute pair. However, when it comes to food service I have to draw the line. She is seen above speaking to Irish footballer Robbie Keane as he dined at her place “Villa Blanca”. I would not be a happy customer knowing a dog was in the kitchen, at a table or in the same restaurant as me. That is unsanitary and I rather not have canine germs or problems in this kind of setting. (I’ll have a salad please hold the dog fur thanks!) Some one needs to tell her that pets in the dining environment is not cute or clean.

Glamorous: Lisa looked her usual fabulous self in the well-fitting dress and killer heels

Where on earth is the board of health when you need them!?! No to animals in the restaurant! Yes to the animal print dress and black and gold pumps. What do you think?