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So I watched R&B Divas LA last night and was happy to see that everyone was getting along and complimenting each other. Well that was just the beginning because it’s going to go down hill after episode one. Of course because if there is a group of women for some odd reason someone is going to have a problem with someone else. If these reality shows have taught me anything, it is that women can not get along. Nonetheless, it does make for entertaining TV. The cast of singers include Kelly Price, Dawn Robinson, an unrecognizable Michel’le, Lil Mo, Chante Moore,and Claudette Ortiz.

I haven’t done a weekly doppelganger in a while so here goes. Can you tell which one is “R&B Divas LA” singer Claudette Ortiz in the pictures below?

Claudette is on the left and actress Jennifer Freeman is on the right.